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Mr & Mrs Williams June 2015

Hi all at MAC,

My wife & I have Just joined MAC.

Yesterday afternoon we fished the lovely Bourton Lake for the first time for a couple of hours using

float fishing tactics with corn over micro pellets in the margins by the pads on the east bank about

halfway down. We had a lot of finicky bites at first and eventually changed from double grain of

corn on the hook to a single grain and both managed to catch our first Tench from the water.

Tracey had a female Tench of 5lb & just before we packed up I managed to catch a female Tench of

5lb 8oz. A few weeks back we fished Adlestrop for the first time using the same tactics but had no

luck that day. Though we did enjoy fishing the Beautiful Lake on hot sunny afternoon & spotted

many large carp basking in the sun on the lake. We also had a quick look around the clubs other

waters and hope to give them a try some day soon. Please find photos we have taken attached.

Bourton 3 pics, Adlestrop 2 pics, Huntsmans & Evenlode 1 pic each.

Kind Regards John & Tracey Williams